How to stop master bating with a fetish.


This may sound odd! And I will be honest that it is really embarrassing, but I have a diaper fetish and I catch myself master bating to ABDL porn and stories online. I want to stop because it is both disturbing and it goes against some of my religious believes. It has turned into an addiction that I have a difficult time controlling. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions to help me quit?

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1 Answer

If you feel that it is an addiction then you may need professional help. Talking with a professional may bring to light why you have these urges to partake pleasure in something that you find repulsive. Unfortunately when porn becomes involved, we can get desensitized and over time require more extreme/perverted depictions to actually climax. It is a slippery slope and again, I would encourage that you seek help or hope that others might have better insight then I can offer.