How to stop hating my hair?


Ok your going to judge and you probaly wont get it and I’m not sure you should cause its stupid. It really is but the thing is I hate my hair. No thats an understatement thinking about my hair makes me want to cry. I guess it started when I realiezed that long thick georgeous hair is the deffintion of beauty. Everyone loves long hair but I can’t have long hair. My hair stops growing its so thin that every inch whittles away I have such a long face that even if I got extensions it would’nt look good and I just don’t know what to do it bothers me so much. I tried growing my hair out for 6 years and i’ve never had long hair. What is wrong with me girls are suppossed to have long hair. I hate my short sad hair. Nobody should have short hair and I know theirs cancer patients who have no hair and theirs so many others things to worry about and that i’m vain and stupid but still I just can’t stop. It just kills me every day i’m always just looking at girl’s or even guys and thinking well…..this is weird but of just petting it and how I would take so much better care of it than these undeserving people. God I sound like a psycho probaly am though but maybe I just want what I can’t have but the thing is to me long thick hair is beauty it makes a person it frames a face its always on those pinterest pictures of those pretty girls who are dancing in the wind. Long hair is youth. You can be average looking but with great hair your a dime so what does that make me well you can guess. Why would any guy even bother with me? It’s stupid and yet its true and what really kills me is I can’t change my situation try as you might you can’t beat gentics so what should I do? How do I get over this cause I’ve tried and I can’t. I tried cutting off my hair to force myself to give up but hahahha guess what…I still care. So I just wanted advice cause I’m pretty sure I have a problem.

asked January 3, 2015

2 Answers

Not every girl has or wants long hair. There are so many different hair styles and every person likes something else. Most girls seem to want the opposite of what they have. For example, a girl with curly hair wants straight hair and a girl with straight hair wants curly hair. Girls are often not satisfied by the hair they have or by something else that they're unhappy with. There are tons of pretty girls with short hair. Some guys even find it more attractive. Long hair easily gets in the way and it's always more work to maintain. Like yourself for who you are. You are you, you're unique. You're beautiful just the way you are.
I completely understand this, I go through the same thing actually. I really just had to change my outlook on it and realize that I define my own beauty and if somebody else doesn't like it, that is too bad. My hair still drives me insane and puts me in bad moods, but I just find ways to like it when it seems impossible. I hate my hair right now but I stopped caring enough to stay sane.