How to stop being taken advantage of with out being a bitch?


I am a very nice person. I try to see the good in everyone that comes into my life. I met this man thru friends and we are so compatible. Its creepy how he is the male form of me. We are both married, but apparently only on paper. I am separated from my husband and he is never with his wife. They don’t spend time together, they don’t hang out or talk on the phone. So to me, I would assume they are not together. Well two months ago things came to a head and we started hooking up. It was strictly to be “having fun”. I was ok with this because I didn’t not anticipate growing feelings for this person. We’ll funny enough, my feelings has grown very deep for him and from the looks of it, his feels have grown very deep for me. For the last month he has slept in my bed with me and spends all his time with me but nothing has been labeled a relationship. Well last night he claimed that he had to straighten things out with his mom and he was gonna crash there, yea I believe he is with his wife. Im a little jealous but more hurt. I truly feel like im being led to believe something that is false. Im so pissed and hurt that these types of people keep crossing my paths. I just want love, just like anyone else but I feel as though its not in my starts bc….well…..I always fall short.

Category: asked November 4, 2013

2 Answers

Talk too him? outright ask him what's going on so then you will know where you stand.Good luck! x
Don't jump to conclusions. Take a deep breath. You're going to have to talk to him about what happened and go from there. One step at a time! IF he was with his wife, you'll need to address that with him and tell him how you feel. If you just assumed he was with his wife and he was really with his mother patching things up, throwing all of this up in his face isn't the best idea if you want this relationship you have to go anywhere. Best of luck to you both. I hope that things work out so you both can be happy.