How to stop being alone


I’ve never had many friends and I’m not great at making new ones. The few friends I have now can barely stand me,I try so hard to make conversation but they hardly talk to me and leave me left out all the time. When I’m in classes I’m sat alone as everyone moves away from me, when we have group work I’m the one nobody wants-just the quiet girl that nobody knows. I used to go out places and have fun but now I have nobody to go out with, feels like I’m fading away. I tried to join clubs thinking it would help me make friends but my parents won’t let me…

Tags: asked April 12, 2014

2 Answers

Hi DragonFly. Has there been anything personal as of late that has changed in your life, outside of your social circle? It's a high possibility that your friends and acquaintances haven't changed; you have. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but something that you'll have to make adjustments to as well as the people surrounding you. Maybe you can just start small. Ask your classmates about the homework assignment. Start participating in class discussions. Attend school events. Maybe you can try interacting with other people; not the standard people you usually talk(ed) to. You're still very young, and at your age a lot of people are going through major changes. This can also affect their behavior, and their choices may have nothing to do with you and you're caught in the middle. Either way, once you get through this rough patch, it will improve. You'll be able to have true friends again and enjoy their company, as they'll enjoy yours.
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