How to prioritize?


How do you guys prioritize all of your time and manage to find space to have fun? I have two jobs (one day off out of the week), a boyfriend, workouts, meditating, chores, grocery shopping etc. How does everyone manage these things each week? I barely have time for any of it and I am starting to get panic attacks and I need help seeing which is more important to put first.

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I am a full time college student, work 30 hrs a week, have a girlfriend, a workout routine, a yoga schedule, and I read 30 - 60 minutes a day (sometimes there is more than this). I found that the reason I was rushed on everything is poor time management. It's the little things that consume the most time. Naps, surfing the net, that episode of Grey's Anatomy that you just can't miss, sleeping in, cooking, etc. Try preparing meals ahead of time, keeping a consistent sleep schedule, limiting internet time, and keep a good diet so you don't feel fatigued during the day.Feel free to PM if you wish to discuss this in further detail.
Choose the scope. It’s easier to prioritize if you focus on a single area at a time. Choose homework, housework, sorting files, cleaning the cupboard, etc. When focusing on this single area, try writing a list with the tasks written randomly. Try to keep the list to a dozen tasks, if possible. Mark the importance of each task. Consider the value of each completed task. Mark each task with H for high, M for medium or L for low. Mark the effort required for each task. Consider the time needed to complete each task. Mark each task with S for short, M for medium or L for long. A task that requires high concentration should be rated with a medium effort. Compare all tasks. Highlight the most important and urgent tasks that require the least amount of effort. Then make a decision. Group the tasks with the highest importance and urgency and least amount of effort. Decide which ones need to be done first based upon upcoming deadlines. Tasks of low importance and urgency can be deferred for until the ones of greatest priority are completed.
Take time for YOU, is my best advice :)