How to know if my best friend is in love with me?


I have had a weird conversation with my best friend, he told me that he’s in love with someone and he don’t have the courage to confess about his feelings because he doesn’t want to lose her as a friend and he’s afraid that it’s not reciprocal so he won’t tell her anything. And I was happy for him because he’s rarely in love with someone so I want to know who’s this lucky girl but he doesn’t want to tell me the name and when I ask for the reason he just told me that he’s afraid of my answer but I said to him he should trust me and know and he could tell me anything but he just told me that he trust me but the problem is he afraid of my reaction and he doesn’t know if it’s gonna be postive or negative. And I just found that really weird because he always told me everything about him and it’s really the first time when he hides something like that. And after a week I ask him one more time about that and he didn’t tell me so I told him to give me one reason why he doesn’t want to tell me who’s this girl, and his answer was: Because I don’t wanna this, I just don’t.
I know it’s not a big deal but his my best friend and the fact that he doesn’t wanna tell me what’s going on just confuse me. I hope you will help me and thank you for reading this.

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2 Answers

Hey~ I think you should try and notice the signals. Whenever a person is around their crush, they'll get nervous and show unconsious physical signs, like touching their faces, rubbing their hands, bitting their lips, etc. (Google them) In case you'd date him if it were you the lucky girl, you should tell him as well that you like someone, implying smoothly that it may be him. This will give him the hint that you may like him and he'll feel more encouraged to tell you who this girl is. Either way, good luck~
if you're bestfriend is inlove with you, and if he really is, how do you think will you react? will you feel annoyed? grossed? or will you reciprocate his feelings? he's just scared to lose your friendship. because yeah it will be awkward especially if he's not sure about your reaction. and you yourself isn't sure about how you feel and how you'd respond to the fact. if you know you cant reciprocate then don't push him to tell you, if he has the courage he will tell you in time anyway.