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So I’ve been dating this girl for almost 6 months now and we really like each other. We do stuff together, she comes over to my place a lot, she took care of me when I broke my ankle….then we would get into fights regularly. More then I wanted too (although I didn’t want too) I know I’m an asshole but I try not to be. Usually after 9 pm is when I go onto playing games since I’m usually busy during the day helping out around the house and sometimes I won’t text her till before I go to bed. I also have a anger problem at times which lets loose when we get into arguments and I usually get ticked off when she facetimes me or calls me without me knowing since I’m usually doing something where I can’t respond. I guess I act like a dick because I’m too afraid to lose her since she’s the first gf I felt actually cared about me and that I’ve hung out with the most. I’m trying to fix these problems with getting away from games and trying to be calm more but there are things we do that are good. We go to coffee, dinner, and other activities together. We like to have fun and I’m trying to convince her to take a dance class with me. We tease each other at times which usually results in a humorous conversation. Like I said I don’t want to lose her so I googled websites or anything that may help our relationship last until we’re both out of school (she’s 17 and I’m 15) and hopefully live our lives together. Thanks to your suggestions everyone who does and don’t worry be as critical as you want at this point I deserve it.

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You could try seeing someone to help you do some anger management or to help you shift your behavior to be more proactive. Continuing to act the way you do could have the potential to tear the two of you apart, particularly if she goes off to college -- that period of transition is hard enough as is. So I would tackle this problem now to make it easier for you guys in the future. If you treasure her and the relationship, you'll work on it. You're changing for the better, and that's what relationships are all about. Good luck!
If you really are busy most of the day and night you should let her know what you're doing so that she doesn't just think you're ignoring her, especially since she spends so much time taking care of you and caring about you. And if you do get in a fight (which will happen regardless of how well your relationship's going; they just do) then talk to her about it later, when you've calmed down. And also if you're worried, it's best to be honest about not wanting to lose her than just googling ways to stay together, because your relationship is unique.
Hello~ I think that the first thing you should do is talk to her about this. Men aren't that communicative, which leads to women misthinking many "signals", from gestures to actitudes and actions. Being clear to a lady is key in a relationship, just so she knows that you don't intend to be a dick.

You could get professional help about the anger, but, if she's aware that you might be rude sometimes and she doesn't care, this is not necessary. Again, just communicate it. As simple and clear as you can. She'll thank you for this.

Lastly, never stop expressing your love. Despite all the fights, affection will most likely fill all gaps left from arguing. Also, women love love, so, yeah.