how to handle rejection and the friendzone?


the feeling if getting rejected is never easy, but staying friends with her/him can also be difficult. is it right to stay friends after rejection if it’s not awkward at all? how to handle and accept the fact that you are in her/his friendzone?

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I truly detest the phrase 'friendzone'. After any kind of rejection it can be hard to maintain a civil relationship with the other person. It can be difficult but, once you get passed the hurdle of awkward hugs and trying to be nice and maybe the other person taking it the wrong way, it can be very rewarding to have a friend you're so close to.That said, the hurdle is large and very difficult to maneuver. You may slide into the 'deep hate mode' as I like to call it, angry that they don't feel the same.The best way to get passed that is to be aware of it. Remember, being nice and kind and having feelings for another person doesn't mean they're obligated or should like you back. Think of another friend that you're not sexually attracted to in the slightest and them telling you they have feelings for you. Imagine more that they start to ignore and become angry with you because you don't feel the same way? As long as you want to stay friends with this person - keep this in mind.I would suggest, if you really can't get passed just being friends, that you find something more to preoccupy your free time, whether that be an art class or a sports or whatever. Anything you might be interested in. It not only will open up a whole new pool of people to meet but also take up time you might have left pondering over the ex/crush.Just remember, as hard as it is to have our feelings thrown back in our faces when they don't match up - it is by no reason okay to then start hating on the other person unless they 'rebuked your affections' in a horrible way or done something else to deserve it.So my answer is, yes you can and maybe should try to stay friends with them! It can be well worth it.I hope this helped. Good luck! x
Its not the best thing to do to remain friends after a break-up or a rejection because your hurt at some level and by continuing to try and hang out or talk to them will just disappoint you more. Its hard but you have to let them go for a while to recover from your feelings. This may take a month to a year. But you need to take care of your feelings first and by trying to stay friends it will just hurt more.
Its okay being rejected. Although you'll be put in the friendzone. You can easily bounce back and find someone that will love you one day. She or He probably doesn't want to mess up your friendship. Just calm down for a couple days, then when you feel fine you can o back into being friends. Cause if you get rejected, then two minutes later you're having a random conversation its awkward on his/her behalf and on yours aswell.