How to handle a group of friends you don’t really like anymore?


I have been friends with these girls for years, i mean since we were in kindergarden. We were a tight nit group of 5, but the past year or two were barely hanging on as a group. It is evident that we have all grown in different ways and want different things in life but they are determined to hold onto this group. Don’t get me wrong, these girls are nice and stuff but I feel as if they are way to emotional. Anything i say or do is wrong, i cant hangout with someone individually, without being scolded for not inviting the entire group. I feel as if everyone has become so ignorant, sensitive and offended easily. I don’t know how to handle this situation. I want to finish of our senior years as friends but i don’t know how to communicate with them or fix these problems. Every time we do try to work things out the argument always ends up targeting me, 3 on 1. What should i do?

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2 Answers

From what this sounds like, I would just drop them. I understand wanting to keep long friendships, but people change and you don't want to hang around them if they're not nice people anymore. Maybe adding some sort of restrictions to when and how you hang out with them might change things, but it might not. I'd certainly let them know how you feel, maybe as a group, maybe let everyone know individually, whatever you think would work best. Depending on their reactions, you may decide to try and keep the friendship or conclude that it's really not working out. At least, that's how I'd handle the situation.
People change friends every few years. There may be one or two that you keep forever, but most of the time you just move on to new ones. So just quit hanging out. After you break a few dates with them they will get the idea.