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how to go about asking a female friend to hang out


i’ll start off by saying i am a EXTREMELY SHY guy. i want to ask a female friend to hang out sometime but i have no idea how to go about it and its stressing me out. i should say that we were friends in elementary and middle school but we lost touch and back then i had a HUGE CRUSH on her but was shy and could never work the courage to tell her, we lost touch and a few months ago we started chatting on FB and she gave me her number a few days later and told me to text her, and now i have found myself having these feelings for her again. we have been texting every other day if not every day and i want to ask her to hang out sometime so i can try and figure out if its a strictly platonic friendship or has the possibility to be something more but i am not sure how to go about it.

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that's so simple men ask her about it dont mind what she say, say it naturally
Females can be really confusing. Trust me, I should know because I'm one myself. Try to build up an even more stable foundation for a relationship by hanging out with her. But before you delve deeper, be aware the most important details (i.e if she has a boyfriend) then you can set the plan into motion. Actually, remember even the smallest things about her. She'll love that. Work your way up and finally ask her out. Note that you have to drop SUBTLE hints too so you don't drive yourself to friendzoneville. There are tons of ways to show her that she means a lot to you. A simple "Good morning beautiful" can make her day. You'll overcome your shyness this way. Keep in mind that if you wait too long, someone else might sweep her off her feet.
You can start by thinking of all the things your guys have talked about while you were texting, if you remember something she might like or enjoy then ask her if she wants to hangout to go see that movie, or go visit that place together or whatever, try to use what you know she likes and enjoys to your advantage when it comes to asking her to hangout. You can mention it one day while texting like, "oh that's nice we should do that sometime" or something like that, if she says yes then that'll be your chance to ask her to hangout on a set date. You'll be nervous but try to enjoy yourself and the time spent with her, you never know what could happen really, but most important of all, be yourself, she'll realise if you're pretending to have a personality you dont have and that could ruin things for you both, just be honest and keep calm, i'm sure everything will be fine from there on.