How to Get Something Out of Mind?


Story: I was on YouTube, and this user had a link titled “suicide hotline” and I thought it’d lead me to something where people can go to if they’re suicidal (FYI: I’m not suicidal so that answers that question, I help people outside BlahTherapy and thought said link would be another helpful tool), but instead I get directed to a sick and disgusting site (not saying what it was). I lost my appetite for 3 days straight. I asked my family how to get rid of that sick image in my head, because not thinking about it is way easier said than done. They answered “I don’t know, I’m not a therapist!” I found nothing online either, so I turn to you guys.

Question: What can I do to get something really disgusting out of my head, or what would purge that thought from my mind? Give me anything, sad, funny, happy, I don’t care, just anything but gross.

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1 Answer

I had a problem similar and i couldnt eat for a week. I tried. What helped: I made distance from the source. So. I suggest ANYTHING that can be connected needs to GOOO. I hung out with my family and friends. I went on walks with a sketchbook in hand. I listened to up beat tunes like Anamanaguchi or Regina Spektor or tempations. Cute stuff and happy. Shiows that get me to laugh: rick and morty and adventure time. or some romantic junk. :) AND for the last bit. Remember how much there is to be happy about. Dont let something get in the way of YOU being happy. <3 "when tomorrow is gone with sorrow I will always have a smile for you to borrow."