How to get rid of the feeling of love for someone who isn’t in your life anymore?


I used to be Best Friends with this guy. We had a thing on and off. We loved each other, just no one said it. Until, he said it on a camping trip we went on with friends, in the middle of the night, out of no where. Then some b.s. went down and he broke my heart. But just recently we started talking again, he has a girlfriend, i’m dating. But, I can’t get rid of this feeling of love for him, even though we don’t talk anymore, and he is in college. what do I do?.

Category: asked December 7, 2014

2 Answers

This is going to suck and it's going to hurt and it's going to confuse you. I promise you it will- but everything is going to be okay. This is how I got rid of my feelings for someone when I was in much of the same situation as you Lose his number for a while- if you can't call/text him, you won't talk as often. Make him NOT a part of your daily routine. If you make it so you don't see or talk to him every day, it will be easier to forget your feelings for him. Be patient, this will take a while. Be gentle with yourself- it isn't easy and you shouldn't blame yourself at all for what's going on. If it helps, talk to your significant other about it. Explain to them what's going on and how you're fixing it. Get rid of every single thing that reminds you of them. At the very least, hide them out of sight for a while. Believe me, it helps.
There will be so many people in your life whom you will love. I don't think you should try and get rid of the love, you should just move on. Love never fades but your love for someone else could be so much stronger. I used to hate when my boyfriend explained that he will probably always love his exes, even though they were awful people, but I now understand that you can always love someone, but you don't have to like them, and you can love someone else with 1000000x intensity.. Best of luck!!