How to get past this emotional barricade.


Im 21 years old and have never been able to bring myself to want a personal relationship with someone in terms of dating. I have been asked multiple time and always say no, and have others who are interested but I just lack the drive to have a relationship. While I am okay with this it sometimes feels like a burden being I also tend to just have 2-3 close friends compared to many. As I said usually I am content and happy with this but lately the phrase “sometimes to stay alive you have to kill your mind” comes to mind because sometimes I feel like I am killing my emotions being as I feel like I push people away or hide to often.

Category: asked October 10, 2014

2 Answers

Not everyone is meant to be in a relationship. If you are happy single. Stay single! It is not a requirement to happiness that you be in a relationship.
I feel the exact same way!!! Don't force yourself, if the right person comes along then fine. If not, who cares? You don't need a partner to have an amazing life, go travel and do all the things that your married/in a relationship friends cannot. This whole thing that society tells us that "we have to be in relationship" is bullshit.