how to get over broken friendships?


a little over two months ago my depression and anxiety got really bad, the people i really loved and trusted left me, and i almost attempted suicide. the girl who helped me when i was going through this was very supportive, and then she just left after my other friend spread some shit ar about me. after they all left they told people i wanted to kill myself… i’m better now but it’s just been hard getting over everything.

asked February 6, 2019

6 Answers

Realise that true friends don't leave , neither do they listen to dumb gossip. True friends trust YOU and go to YOU to clarify things out. Is better to be without those people and find better and true friends.
As with everything, time helps heal. It may take weeks or months or maybe even years, but as time passes, it’ll get easier dealing with the situation. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to practice healthy methods of coping. I used to be in an extremely toxic relationship. The woman forced me into isolation and I lost all of my friends at the time. I lost a lot and that pain was horrendous. What got me through when I finally got out of that toxicity, was the support of those who truly wanted to be there, listen, and help. If a friend is your true friend, they’re going to be there for you, not ditch you during a hard aspect of your life. You just have to find who those people are to you. You can find them here, where you live, workplaces; virtually anywhere. People will always come and go, loss will happen. It’s just a matter of giving yourself that time to heal from it and then moving on to find people better fit for your life.
If a friend is going to leave you after she knows what you've been through, she probably wasn't the best anyway. Broken friendships are one of the toughest things, because you think you've built a strong bond, and then it all topples over. The first step for getting over these friendships, is to go find a friend who will have respect for you and keep your secrets. Make sure you can trust this person. Once you've done that, go have some fun. Get over that friend and go get some fun in your life. Laughter is the best medicine. Then finally, if you feel like it, meet up with that old friend over a coffee or something, and tell her how hurt she left you. It doesn't have to be a will you be my friend again thing, just a way to say, this is how i felt. It'd be great if this step was put in action, because then you can prevent it from happening to others. Wish you the best!
Your life is very important, dear. If someone leave you, let yourself be in peace by thinking. There are hundred of people on earth. Not just that someone. Remember, you live in this world without your friend. Just remember, you can have a replacement, a better one. Never bother that friend again. You're worth the best. Cheer up my friend the greatest is yet to come. Just wait and you will unknowingly find it!
Friendships are complicated, and like many, they end. I know for me, getting over a friendship was pretty hard, considering how long we'd been friends.
I remember digging myself into a hole and blaming myself for everything. Please, save yourself the time. Don't do that. It's not your fault. Even if you contributed to the "breaking up", don't crush yourself for that.
If you did contribute to the split, take responsibility for your part. If they don't believe you, that's on them, not you. You are not responsible for their actions, only yours.
Another thing to do is take time. There will be unavoidable drama. Just say no. Walk away. Don't immerse yourself in everyone els's problems. People will talk to you about it, and it is your job to stay away.
Finally, seek closure. This time will eventually pass. It is going to be ok, and the world has not stopped spinning. It is not your fault. This will go away, and if you took care of your part, there is nothing more to do about it. Don't give them the cold shoulder and act like you're all that, but move on. It's not your problem after you've taken care of your part.Remember, good friends will come back and stay. Stay strong. - I n v e r s e -
people who you tell are going to say that you deserve better if they care about you. you may not want to listen cause it seems like crap advice because it doesn't give you a straight up answer. just take some time for yourself and find other people it may seem impossible and its going to be hard but put on a brave face and start talking to people. there is probably someone around you going through the same thing looking for someone with your personality. hope that helps!