How to get my life back?


I was a person that had energy had dreams love for life always looking for better things in life but with all that i felt lonely i had a man but only to be the one to clean take care of his kids i ran away with this man when i was 15 he was 23 i needed attention i asked him alot of times and one day a man came around saying and doing the things i have been dreaming for years to hear from my husband and felt for it i left that home to start a new life and at the end he left n never came back i felt lost got in drugs lost my self and my kids i see there sadness i feel guilty for not being able to erase those sad faces but every little try i do gets me more deep in this depression im tired of this i want my life back but how?

asked January 29, 2014

3 Answers

Hi Maria, Unfortunately we all make mistakes and make bad decisions. It is OK to make mistakes. But it is in what we do after to make amends or straighten out things again. You are stuck in the emotions instead of processing the emotions.. feeling them.. learning from your mistakes and then move forward. Take a deep breath and think about what you want your life to be.. Each day do something in the direction you want to go and momentum will build and you will start to feel better about yourself. Take care
The most important thing is that you're willing to try to get your life back. In doing so, you'll have to evaluate the specific aspects of your life that need to be changed. For example: do you have a stable job or source of income? Are you able to support your children? And has your depression significantly interfered with your everyday activities?

You can find those dreams and aspirations again. It's definitely possible. You can try keeping a notebook of everything you wanted to and currently want to accomplish in life, goals you have, that sort of things. Write a list so you have something to look at when you need motivation.

Joining a therapy group or simply talking to a counselor would help as well; a counselor would be able to help you work through the little things as well as the big issues.

I hope this helps!
thanks to all comments u guys are amazing people god bless