How to get motivated


I always believed family is supposed to help you and support you along with friends, but I’ve noticed that’s not the case. If I want to make something of myself I’m going to have to do it alone, I need to help myself. How do you get your self to be motivated without help? And how do you become more independent?

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I feel like I struggle with the same problem. Can't relate to family or friends, and they're not there to help. What's helped for me is to look at life from different perspectives. The important part is having a vision for what success and progress looks like. Maybe you want to be a better, smarter, more self-reliant person and the way to do that is through individualism and creativity. Or maybe you can get what you want from society by playing 'the game' of life, and excelling at school, learning to look good and how to be a conversationalist. What matters is that you visualize where you're headed so that you can take the steps to get there, and the goals themselves will help to motivate you. Another part of it is accepting as much responsibility and humility as you can for the way your life is, so that you'll see yourself as the power that can change it. If you ever need someone to help motivate you, on the other hand, feel free to contact/add me, and I'll do what I can.
1 me independent, able to support own self financially will be the first step i feel. To be able to control your feelings and emotion independently will take practice. This is a great place to find motivation i feel. The Blahtherapy blog: There are many other sites like : which have great quotes to motivate you daily too. doing everything alone is too hard. Have some close friends around for moral support and de-stress when life gets too overwhelming.
Definitely family is always there to support you,keep you motivated but when it comes to implementation of any difficult task then you have to do it alone and this is universal rule.To keep yourself motivated just try to remember what difficult tasks you have accomplished yourself and keep on praising yourself that yes I can do it.