How to get friends in real life?


I know this question has been asked A LOT… but how the hell do you get friends in real life?
I’m a shy person, I’m not that type that goes to a random stranger and says hi!
I dont go to clubs or bars, cause I’m not that kinda type.
I go out daily & I train too, but again I cant just go to somebody & ask them for friendship… some people told me, you dont ask for friendship… it just happens, well I have been lonely my whole freaking life… and nothing just happens naturally from what I’ve seen.
Please give me some positive & honest feed back :I

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3 Answers

you have to stop being terribly shy if you want people to interact with you or just depend on outgoing people to notice something miraculous about you and say hi. Also when your quiet people think you dont want to talk to them and you want to be left alone so they wont bother you. But your also wrong you can ask for friendship I do it all the time as long as your funny and endearing or sweet and don't have a terrible personality and your open and nice about being shy people wont mind. People consider me outgoing but I'm not I just realized why be quiet its more fun to talk. Talking is connection! Connection is living and by being shy your not truly living. Ya its scary first talking to a person for the first time. But whats the worse that can happen? Honestly? People are generally nice. You don't need to be crazy and loud or even outgoing just try to talk to people. Join a club and work on your confidence and just start a conversation with anyone about anything you'll find your niche\group :) It wont maybe be easy but I believe in you.
well this is my problem as well i try interact but then i end up not being socializing much thus in the end i am left alone
try omegle its for talking to random strangers on the internethope i helped :)