Boy issues?!?!!


Okay so im a girl and we are both 15, we used to be friends a couple years back but he moved about an hour away and we lost touch basically, i know it Sounds stupid or whatever but i had a big crush on him but once he moved i thought it was a lost cause. But now one of my friends apparently plays baseball with him and i found his instagram which means i can direct message him a picture and we can chat, but I dont know what to do or say since its been a while and i doubt he remembers me

Category: asked October 2, 2014

2 Answers

Well, if you two were friends, I highly doubt he would forget you. Why not give it a shot? If you do, what will you lose? If you don't though, you'll never really know.
I say go for it. I mean yeah, don't try to jump right into a relationship with him or anything, just slowly rekindle your friendship and see where things go! Message him on IG, or maybe even have your friend talk to him about you at baseball. You'll never know unless you take the risk! Hope all goes well!