How to forget about something?


I feel really stupid getting so worked up about this, so I don’t want to bring it up anymore around my friends. So I came on here!
Basically, there’s a picture of me online. This causes stress for me. It’s not a scandalous picture or anything, but it’s freely accessible, and I have no way of removing it. It’s a somewhat blurry headshot. I don’t have any memory of doing so, but I apparently submitted that picture of myself to some tumblr blog for a game six years ago. I guess I didn’t realize they would post it publicly? Anyway, for the past six years, I didn’t realize it HAD been posted publicly, but I was bored last weekend, so I searched the old fake name I used to use online to see what would come up, and there it was. I know this is a stupid thing to be upset about because I obviously must have been the one who submitted it, but I wasn’t even 13 six years ago, and I was confused.
I’m not worried about strangers seeing it. It was posted six years ago on that one obscure blog, so unless someone gets a sudden yearning to scroll through what must be 400+ pages of that blog, no strangers will find it.
What I’m worried about is my family finding it. They have a very strict policy about online activity, and if they did find it, I would be in an amount of trouble I can’t describe. I’ll just say that it would very negatively impact my daily life. Now, I don’t think that they are going to scroll through 400 pages of that blog either, but the picture’s tagged with my old online name. My sister once found out about that name (about four years ago), but she hasn’t found the picture. In fact, I am almost entirely sure that she’s forgotten what it was. So there’s very, very little possibility of my family finding that picture. It’s been up for six years, and they’ve never come close to it! But, for some reason, I just can’t stop thinking about it and worrying that my sister will one day remember my old online name, search it, and find that picture. It won’t happen, but I keep getting anxious about it, and I have a lot of stress in my life already. I wish I had never found that obscure picture at all; I lived for the past six years completely unaware of it, and nothing happened regarding it. I VERY much doubt anything will happen regarding it in the future. So how do I forget about the picture, or just stop thinking about it? I know this sounds like a dumb problem, but I would really appreciate some help.

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You can just tell yourself that the picture is long gone. You cant change it now. Just watch what you post from now on.
They won't find it. It's so hidden they would have to deliberately look for it. The fact that it's under an old username means they have to know the old username, google it (for whatever reason) and search through images to find you. Trust me, they won't find it.
This seems like a pretty fixable problem. Though it would be best to get a psychological power of obsessing over one little picture, it would probably be much easier to get rid of the whole problem in this case. Try going to the blog and tell them that you want your picture taken off and give them the link to the post. If for some reason the blog is inactive, you can try just reporting the actual post and put that they did not have consent to post your picture publicly. If you don't want to do this yourself, I'd be happy to have a private message with you. It's not much trouble, just tell me your old username, I'll search it, I'll find the page, and I'll find a way to delete it.
I know this doesn't necessarily help with compulsive behavior, but it seems like it will also help follow some guidelines from your parents and relieve you.