How to fall asleep ?


Sometimes I don’t sleep for days. I feel like there’s so much to do and not enough time. I’ve tried everything from drinking warm milk to listening to music. I don’t want to go see a doctor. I don’t like waiting with strangers and it would be hard to speak.

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You're probably thinking things too much, you just need to make yourself busy even it will take you a long time, Doing it will lessen your worries and somehow help you fall asleep. Just remember if you are lacking of sleep but it is hard for you to have it, then just be with it then ignore and make yourself busy. Just eat heavy meals if you really didn't get the sleep you need to sustain you with your work/tasks. I don't recommend you trying pills, because it will just make you dependent to it. Natural processes will do, such as doing exercises during morning, avoiding day naps, eating foods that are rich in Melatonin from Pineapples, Bananas, Oranges, ... and avoiding caffeine from Soda, Coffee, and so on. PM me if you want a deeper explanation about this issue.
Definitely sounds like a case of insomnia. When it comes to insomnia, things like music and warm milk don't really get the job done. Medication could help, though. You don't necessarily have to see a doctor for that, though it could be a good idea. But if you're not up for it, you could try over-the-counter sleeping aids, instead, to see if those help you.
I have some troubles falling asleep sometimes, but I don't know what exactly keeps you awake, with me its my overactive mind, racing and making flashing shapes in my mind. What I do to calm my mind is I lay in total darkness, and focus on my breathing. Sometimes I will go through my mind and think about calming scenarios to help me fall asleep. Don't think about any of your burdens, and don't think about sleep. Try clearing your mind as well as you can. If this doesn't help, I would recommend going to see a doctor, or try some over-the-counter sleeping pills.
Thankyou everyone. I don't like taking pills it makes me remember stuff I really don't want to remember. But I'm going to try to make myself eat more melatonin rich food and the sunlight therapy. I'm trying to keep myself by busy by painting and playing with my cat. I really hope I sleep better.
Avoid electronics atleast 30 minutes before you go to bed
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