How to escalate with a girl


We were pretty good friends but nothing sexual. I stopped talking to her for a few months because she got a boyfriend( he was also my friend). I like her. We talk now but only through text and its only friendly talk. Im afraid to flirt. Idk what to say to her to make her sexually interested. We would never be boyfriend and girlfriend but we could possibly do some stuff together if i man up. Im 19 shes 18

Category: asked July 7, 2013

3 Answers

Just stay friends and if you want to flirt and if she likes it and flirts back just do that.. she will be the friend of yours that will always have a boyfriend, but she will always want to talk friendly and dirty to you and be sexually interested in you always wanting to see you, text you, talk, flirt and will want to have sex with you whether or not she has a boyfriend.
What the fuck is your problem? What kind of sick advice is that and coming from a girl? And you man have a serious problem. Im a guy and you should never use a girl sexually, I hope she stays with the boy she is right now and that this guy who apparently is your friend will knock you down.How dare you treat girl like that.
woah just take it easy man