how to deal with loneliness


I am just now getting my life on track, and trying to fight

I go to therapy and practice positive affirmations
I start college in the summer
But my question is how to deal with the day to day lonely
That consumes me

I have no friends or relationship with my family
I have a boyfriend that i am distancing myself from because
Its not healthy

I just want to drink my pain away but i know thats mo good either
Anyone with insight?

Category: Tags: asked March 22, 2014

5 Answers

You don't have to do anything and you don't have to change yourself. Don't push yourself into anything, and don't feel pressure to go out and get yourself a bunch of friends or talk to your family. I'm in the same situation so while I don't exactly know either I find that reaching out to people you want to reach out to if you can, really investing your time into something creative you enjoy, and being your own friend and looking after yourself can really help. Some things as simple as watching a movie or a tv show, watching youtube videos, or listening to music I can relate to can ease it somewhat.
You've got to take it all step by step and take each day as it comes. Overcoming depression isnt a quick thing but going to college etc will help. Keeping yourself busy meeting new people is always a good thing to help build confidence and self esteem back away from the depression. Even talking to people that dont know you helps like on here as they wont judge you and can be open just letting your feelings out to someone and having communication will help you not feel so lonely. So please feel free to message me talk about anything hope this helps a bit :)
I am new to this but i shall try my best. Don't give into drinking and all that. Maybe you should try meditation? it helps to keep your mind at peace, and at first it is hard, but once you do more of it, it will help, also meditation clips online help too! as for the day to day, I would suggest to just keep your mind positive, and if anything bad happens don't let depression sink in so deep, I mean sometime we we make big deal of something so small. Just try to be happy, but know that when bad things do happen, it's not an end of the world, and wiith a peaceful mind you shall be able to deal with it
in our society, in our age group, day to day loneliness has unfortunately become a terrible norm. there are many factors to blame for this, social media, unrealistic expectations, etc. but in the end those factors aren't goin to change. so you must try to change yourself. you are practicing positive affirmation which is a very good start. It would help if you get closer with your family, and you go out to make friends, If you could message me and tell me what's causing you to be so distant from others, it would help me understand you better. You are a human being. To be human means you naturally crave community. Nothing you do will be able to replace that human connection. And this is the problem with us as a generation, somewhere down the line, we've tried to replace it. If there is no way you will get closer with your family (your first community), and you are unwilling to make friends, it will be hard for you. Try joining a club you are interested in, I'm sure that would help you out a lot. Get off your butt and go out to do something!! that should help as well. best of luck to you, message me if you want to talk about it okay?
I understand where you're dealing with. I'm currently in therapy to empower myself and get over an abusive relationship. In doing this, I have cut people out of my life that are toxic to me. This leaves you feeling isolated, like it's your fault somehow. Someone once told me to be more selfish, that it would be healthier for me. I'm not sure how much I believe that, but I have some ideas that might help conquer the loneliness. When I was in college, I enjoyed "taking my artist" out on dates around campus. This could be taking a walk on a different part of campus and taking pictures. Or going by the art school and admiring their work. Anything that gets you excited about life. It's your time to enjoy & inspire yourself. Something that really helped me through my lonely years, was simply saying "HI" to five different people each day. Surprisingly this worked, I soon started having relationships with these complete strangers simply because I said hi. It maybe intimidating at first, but you're a strong person and it will definitely make you feel more confident. A lot of people's day can be turned around simply by acknowledging them. My favorite quote is "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Who knows who you'll meet? Just saying Hi will start unlocking so many new opportunities for you.Message me if you ever need to talk. :D