How to deal with bullies?


I am a high school junior and I’ve been an introvert for most of my life, but I generally blend into the background. Just a few close friends, nobody else even noticed me, which is fine by me. But I was recently taken off of my medication for Tourette’s because it clashed with a new medicine I’m taking for something else. Now my tics are back with a vengence and they’re pretty noticible and embarassing. People at school, including a few teachers, tease me about it constantly. It’s something I’ve always been insecure about and now it just got a thousand times worse. I don’t know what to do. I can’t hide the tics or make them stop. Now people are constantly staring at me and laughing at me and I’m at my breaking point.

Tags: asked May 17, 2014

3 Answers

You shouldn't have to relocate schools. If I had this problem and told my parents about it they would go straight to the superintendent or principal. It is unacceptable of teachers to make fun of you because they're just encouraging other students. Keep your chin up and Don't let them get to you! (:
Teachers and students alike have made fun of me and bullied me. It made me stronger, but I did have to learn along the way since it all started when I was a child. I learned that bullies only feed off of your negative reaction. Just don't react. In fact, be cordial with them. Those few friends that you do have, be grateful for them! Screw those who exploit your insecurities, and don't worry, you're almost done with school. We can always talk if you want (I'm a busy college student, and I have summer classes coming up soon, but I get on when I have time). I can totally relate and it was difficult for me. In fact, it was 8th grade that teachers were actually nice and I got rid of my 7th grade bullies with something called kindness. You got this! :)
Sadly, the school does little to help--even though bullying is getting more attention today. I hope that we find better ways to combat this, because no one deserves such treatment.
Stay strong, okay?
This is so wrong that teachers are even being like kids,so wrong!
Is there a school councilor you can talk to? ,or there must be the ministor of education you can contact letting them know of whats going on in your school.This has to stop!
I am sorry i cant suggest anything else other than what ive said,or talking to your parents as I know if i was your mother id be up at the school in a blink of an eye giving them what!. But i wish you all the best.