How to cope with weird and clingy friends?


So I currently have a group of friends that I have hanged out to for quite a while now. And they’re alright, but not a lot, you see these people are sometimes (or atleast what I think), a bit too overly expressive about themselves and when I mean too overly expressive, I mean they talk too loudly on public and private places such as the cafe we usually hang out, you might say that these were the kinds of people that were bullied a lot in highschool. And sometimes they cant even be aware of their surroundings, they just yell,talk and laugh really loudly and they act weird that they act like one of their favorite cartoon characters. And for me they’re a bit too immature for college freshmen students. I feel so embarrass every time Im with them. What should I do, I mean they’re good,obedient and talented people but their weirdness makes me kinda cringe and awkward. Its like I want to find the nearest window to jump to because of their annoying traits. whats should I do???

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Well I know this can be a very tricky situation to handle, since you're good friends. But what good are friends if they make you cringe and awkward? You either talk to them about it (trying not to hurt their feelings), or you could simply phase them out of your life, but this should be used when you think they're absolutely unbearable, just tell them about this, and if they still continue to remain the same, you'll need find new friends, don't end it on a bad note, just make them your 'hi-hello' friends, but first try to talk to them saying that "don't you think we're being too loud?" "wow, why're being so loud man (said laughingly, not angrily). Hope I was of help. :)