How to cope with uncontrollive sex hormone


hey since I have never had sex at all good thing I am trying to stay away from it. lot lately I have been dealing with sex hormones…. I’m single. Is this normal or not normal? I only want honest opinions here…

If your going to judge dont read thanks!

Category: asked August 15, 2014

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Hey, I have the same problem as you. One way I know to control is to do something productive in your time like practicing skills, reading a book, chatting etc. Avoid doing nothing for a long while because that's usually the time when you become horny and have the urge to watch porn or do something I don't want to know. Lastly, avoid triggers, these are hunky guys who look like they are going to strip, naked girls or semi-naked girls who look like they are also going to strip, erotic texts, erotic sounds. If you can't help it, try sleeping instead.
I agree with Alfonso.

For me I try and come up with smalls goals to be committed to. Every morning I get up and jog in one spot for 15 minutes. Take the next 15 minutes to cool off. Spend 30 minutes on a chapter of book you wish to complete. I write this down in a journal and read it to myself every night before I go to bed so that I can remember my commitment.

For the next 30 days I have started the habit of writing down the list of things I am going to do on the computer instead of randomly going on it.

The whole point is to put more structure in your life, don't randomly do things because you feel like doing it, for me my urges randomly appear during those times.

It is normal to have urges as long as it does not get in your way of reason. Controlling your urges is something you can aspire to.
Im a girl and can honestly admit i have the same problem as you haha. its really hard for me to quit those emotions nd not let it get to me so i understand what you mean. Theres nothing wrong with feeling sexual at times and wanting to do things with other people. Its normal and everyone goes through it! your body is just changing and experimenting with certain things dont be upset about it. Sex isnt a bad thing. Its something natural and our bodys are made for it. To be totally honest i just masterbate because it relieves the urges when im done nd they dont really come back for awhile, i dont know if youve tried that or if your accepting of that but i mean whatever you feel is best. you can always find a way to distrant yourself with other things and cope with it. But dont feel bad that these feelings are coming everyone gets them you arnt alone. My inbox is always open! hope you feel better.
It is also healthy to question why you are avoiding sexual contact. You may have an unrealistic expectation of yourself.
Well not to be gross or anything but I would suggest masturbation. Wanting sex is normal and if you are experiencing a high sex drive but don't want to have sex, that seems to be the way around it. If you are trying to avoid even masturbation, then you are going against nature and I suppose I would just suggest what the poster above said and try and keep very busy. Good luck.