How to come out to your crush?


how do i come out to my straight crush? thxs for the help!

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Hi there,

It's a very difficult thing to come out to somebody. And very brave. I hope you'll take my advice with a pinch of salt because I'm probably not the best person to answer this, but I might make you consider a couple of things.

First- if you have a friendship with your straight crush and you come out to them, it is important you understand that they may feel differently about you. This may be because of homophobia- but it could also be something else.

When you're friends with someone there's an implicit trust between you. Part of having a platonic friendship with someone is the trust and agreement that it is not a sexual or romantic thing. It can be very difficult for that person to understand you if you come out and tell them you like them at the same time.

The reason being is because in their head, they may think that you only got close to them for sexual reasons, and not for friendship and companionship. This can happen with straight friends too, it isn't anything to do with sexual orientation.

So because of that, I would be careful about how you discuss this with your friend. Assure them that your attraction to them isn't the reason you are friends. Assure them you can get over it if they aren't interested. Let them ask questions.

If it is someone who truly cares about you as a friend, they will listen and understand as best they can. If they have a negative reaction, just know that not everybody would and there are other people out there who are far more accepting.

I wish you the very best of luck. I've included a link below to a group on here that may be better suited to answer your question and give you some more experienced advice than I would have.

Sexuality Questions Group on BlahTherapy

thanks so much :)
No problem! Like anything just be sure to consider the other person and you'll be fine :)

Very best of luck with it!
That should depend on where your relationship stands at this point. Or what would be your reason for coming out to this person. Technically speaking, coming out is as simple as saying the words. There's nothing too challenging in that, the challenge lies where you allow yourself to be vulnerable and completely at the mercy of how your crush will take it.. and that, you should be ready for.. I'm not trying to scare you or anything 'cause I really believe that if you want to progress, you have to take the risk. And I believe you have great courage for considering the option of speaking the truth. I'm sure that if this person is worth your admiration, this person will respect your truths. So good luck to you and I hope you achieve your aim! :)