How to Build Mental Strength With So Much Negativity Around Me.


About 11 months ago, I fractured my spine and ended up with severe chronic pain every day until 5 weeks ago. I decided to get a spinal fusion because I wanted to get on with my life and finish college. I handled all of the physical pain really well but any sign of negativity from another person automatically alters my mood. I have some issues with my roommate and my family and am having a hard time staying positive whenever they start bothering me. I try to put it into perspective that I have gone through so much this past year that I should be able to handle my emotions by now but can’t seem to figure out what I can do to ignore their pessimism. I would love any advice or suggestions on anything I can do to increase my mental strength or how to deal with emotional situations better…

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2 Answers

Hey Linds,

I'm no expert in medicine but did you have the same problem before? You dealing with so much pain after the operation, that to me is a sign of a mentally strong person. However feeling intensified (negative) emotions and being mentally stable is not one and the same. Are you taking medicine or following a cure that could cause increased mood swings and emotions?

Whatever the answer to that previous question may be, in my opinion there would be no shame in telling the people around you how you really feel. If they upset you with something, tell them and talk about it. Maybe it will help you resolve the negative feeling that comes with their action or the other way around, help them take a look at their own behavior towards you and their surroundings.

Emotions cannot be controlled in that way, if something makes you genuinely happy or sad then there's not much you can do about that. So let people know how you feel so you don't have to keep your emotions inside when you react to a situation in a way people wouldn't normally expect from you.

If you say there's a lot of pessimism radiating from people around you, can you try and be the one to turn things around for them? It think it would help the both of you..

Let me know how it's going should you want to talk about it some more!

Sometimes you just have to leave the negativity behind, and ignore what is bothering you. If you're upset surround yourself in happiness. Eat your favorite food, watch your favorite show, surround yourself with people who care and always make you laugh!