How to build confidence.


I have been struggling with this topic for years. Nothing I do seems good enough. I want to be able to go places and not worry if my boyfriend thinks they are better as well as me wishing i was like them. Any help?

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3 Answers

LOOOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE yourself. love is the key to life! love your mistakes, love your failures, your "imperfections," love every curve and every line, every spot of your body and every spot of your soul. it is hard and worth it and possible! c:
My advice is pretty simple, but %100 the truth. You are worrying about how your boyfriend sees you. But what you need to think about is how YOU feel. You know inside that you're an amazing person. And if your boyfriend is the type of person that only judges skin deep. Then you have to ask yourself the hard truth of if you want to be with someone like that. Be yourself, and be confident in who YOU are. Not what everyone else wants in you. You are you, they are not. Once you can pass that threshold, the confidence will pour out of you. And trust me, guys find confident girls extremely attractive. Be yourself=Be Confident & Happy.
Unfortunately, one of the biggest things I've found to be most effective is having a supportive and mindful partner. it's hard to love yourself after not doing so for so long. being constantly, consistently reminded that you're beautiful and wonderful by someone you love is the best medicine.Some people just need a little extra and there's people out there who need to GIVE a little extra.