How to become a social/extroverted/better person?


i´ve started dating recently, and i feel like i´m not ready or just not perfect enough to be with someone else yet. So i have/am trying to improve myself, but all i have focused on so far is on improving my looks.

I´m really shy and introverted, if i´m around a group of people it gets hard for me to speak up and engage in the conversation…if i´m just with one person i´m fine though

i´ve been really trying , i just dont know how i can improve, in order to become more extroverted and social…

Help me?

Category: asked March 13, 2015

3 Answers

First of all, extroverts or social people are not necessarily better people. You being an introvert doesn't make you any less better than others. If you want to improve yourself, try to accept yourself the way you are. I can understand that you might want to fit in and communicate, but you should start with accepting yourself first. Don't try so hard, take things one step at a time. Let things go naturally. It's okay if you're not so social. You're you and you're good just the way you are.
although improving your looks will get you noticed more by guys just be careful that they pay attention to you for the inside as well especially if you are more of a shy person. some guys will take advantage. don't let the dating dictate your self worth also, if you want to improve and become a bolder person then go ahead try just smiling at people when you are in a bigger group or laughing if everyone else is, that way they will feel as if you are more part of the group instead of just sitting on the side-lines. you never know they might even ask you something then that would get you included more and then they will accept you more xxx
Personally I'm an introvert, and in today's society we heavily focus on extroverts and how to become like extroverts. This is toxic, because it is like a cloud blinding you from your true self. Just because you are more social doesn't mean you're automatically a better person. Don't attempt to be an extrovert if you are not one. I like to call this pseudo-extrovertion, and it can be deadly to your psyche if taken to an extreme. I read an article that says that social communication is what recharges extrovert's batteries. Introverts recharge their batteries by being in solitude, however everyone is different. So perhaps if you've been attempting to be more social, it may be best just to take a break and not overextend.