How to be more calm and mellow?


So usually I am a very hyper, stressed out person who talks fast and blurts out pointless things, I’m way too hyperactive :/ And I think people are annoyed and I’m annoyed as well at myself.
I wanna become more mellow and calm, I stress out over everything and obsess, I just want to like..Let go!
I want to be calm and “derpy”, I’m tired of taking life so seriously and making drama :c
So I need some tips on how I can stop being so intense, fast and hyperactive. My mom is like this and I think I just got it from her, but I don’t wanna be like this anymore because this ain’t getting me nowhere!
I know this sounds silly but yeah :3
I also want to add that my moods are super unbalanced and it’s freaking me out, I want my mood to be the same but it seems like I’m either super happy or super depressed :s
Advice needed,
A very hyper/stressed out person.

Category: asked February 27, 2015

3 Answers

I've had problems with this as well. The thing that helped me to be more calm and mellow was knowing that someday that I was going to die. Isn't that calming? Knowing that all the drama you experience, and all embarrassment will disappear from your mind? Just breathe deeply (sounds cliche but it works), and tell yourself that most drama is pointless. So there's no reason to get so worked up over it, you need that energy to build better lives for other people.Steve Jobs Speech:
I can relate to this so well. I'm someone who never gets tired, sleeps for 3 hrs a day and is always ahead of others. You just need to manage your energy and use a lot or a little at appropriate times. Have ways to expell energy, like sports, art, hanging out or hobbies. I love to sing, blast music, write and blog. I personally like heavy metal and shooter games to get out anger sometimes. Just find some things that get your mind very engaged and you will be able to use your energy productively, rather than "annoy" people. And as for your extremes of emotion; try to point out one great thing about yourself a day, and eventually compile them. Remember your worth and never be down for too long. Life goes on, and bad things are followed by equally great things.
You could try looking up book/movie characters or famous people who are known for being relaxed and calm. Surrounding yourself with their calmness might help you connect with their traits. Just and idea, hope it helps :)