How to be happier?


I used to really enjoy school, and was quite clever and confident. I don’t know whats happened, as I am so dumb and rarely pass anything. I try my best, but what are you supposed to do when it isn;t good enough? I can’t stand the idea of performing in front of the class, like when I have appointments and come back in the middle of class I sit in the toilets until the end so people don’t stare at me as I walk in. I feel so low. I feel like a waste of space, and that I don’t deserve nice things or friends because I’m not capable of achieving anything.

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I was in the exact same place as you, i have anxiety and it can get pretty bad. I did not know what was wrong with me in middle school, I was doing fine and then i would freak out of no where and feel so low to the point i felt like i was not good enough. Sweetheart, it is just the anxiety making you feel this way; I just do little self exercises to keep me in check, if it gets too rough for you to handle then i say go to someone and get medicine. I do not take medicine, because i believe i am strong enough to handle it and i'm sure you are too. DO NOT give up, that isn't an option; you'll get through this because if i me, you sure as hell can too. We are in the same boat really, just in different rivers.