How to be charming?


I want to be ridiculously charming! Tom Riddle-esque kind of charming. I’m tired of being awkward and weird. I always kind of saw myself as a lemon some are put off by me in the beginning and find me strange but then I grow on them and eventually they love me. But I don’t want to always have to put in so much effort to win people over. I just want people to naturally really like me. Theirs a method to the madness but I just haven’t figured it out. Honestly I’m outgoing in a “eccentric” way and nice people tend to like me but that’s not enough. Plus I worry about people growing to dislike me and I want to make sure that never happens. Sometimes i’m funny but how do I tap into that all the time. Hahahha I know I sound crazy and I know this idea of making everyone like me is crazy in theory….but then haven’t you ever met someone you just instantly liked? So then after you meet someone and I bedazzle them how do I keep them liking me? How can I never say anything weird or strange or at least minimize it? How do I remain bubbly and upbeat and witty? Cause naturally I’m actually a terrible awful person I’m quiet, awkward sad, and way too introspective and I’m boring so how do I keep that from slipping out oh and also be charming? Danka!

Category: asked December 29, 2014

1 Answer

This isn't what you want to hear, but there is no magic way to guarantee that everyone is going to like you. You cannot please everyone. And you shouldn't strive for it. It's unrealistic and it can also put a lot of stress on you. You could "lose" yourself in your multiple personalities (for lack of a better term, not implying you'll develop that disorder, because you won't) trying to cater to everyone. Why do you want everyone to like you? Think really hard about it. The answer is not simply wanting to be 'that' person. Be yourself. Be comfortable in your skin; and be comfort with pissing people off. As human beings, we are all different, and because of that, we cannot like everyone and everyone cannot like us. It's our differences that make our experiences unique- and that' okay. It's more than okay- it's expected. I hope this helps. Also.. Tom Riddle isn't the best example. Haha. x