how to be approachable


I am currently looking for a relationship, but I feel like I never get noticed. I mentioned this to a friend, and he said I was intimidating. however, he wouldnt say why I am intimidating.
I have been told I am relatively attractive, and I think im friendly enough, but guys never ask me for my number or anything.
I think it might be because I am almost six feet tall, red hair, and a horrible case of resting b*tch face, but I really cant stop that, I do try to smile though.
I am kinda shy, so I never make a move to get a guys attention, usually they just approach me, but I seem to only be meeting jerks with an ego who kinda feel superior to me.
I know a lot of cute guys that I meet in my everyday life (barista, mechanic, grocery clerk) but I dont know how to approach them or encourage them to approach me.
any tips for being more approachable or on how to make a move to meet people?

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2 Answers

Okay, so in giving you advice with this, I'm kind of giving myself advice because I have the same issue. I had a friend tell me that the type of guy I'm looking for wouldn't be attracted to the type of personality I give off. I'm friendly, but apparently I'm very sarcastic and for lack of a better word..."firm" person when you meet me. I just say things like they are, I guess. Anyway, I realized that I can't start trying to change just to be this girl that will more readily attract guys. Because what happens if you act a way that you aren't, get the guy, and then he expects something different? If you're shy, be shy and coy. You want a guy that will want to talk to you sooo much that he'll just do it, without you having to "act" a certain way. Granted, that sucks because it doesn't speed up the process of finding one, but I think it's the best policy. If a guy really likes you, he'll go for it and ask for your number. Just wait for the one who has the confidence to do it. If this response isn't quite what you're looking for...I just tend to make A LOT of eye contact with them, do a half smile, and then look away. Little things, don't feel like you have to go on this giant quest to change yourself. :)
I can not agree with ms. Joy more. In the end u want to be yourself, I am a 6' 5" dude and I searched high and low to find my wife and out of all the advice, the books and videos. I got my wife's attention by hitting my head on a chandelier while I was hungover :) and then just being myself. In the end if u had ask me to explain my ideal lady before I meet her, I can promise u I wouldn't of explained her. So just be your self ms. Kitty and be proud of your ever feature. Many men would jump at the chance to be with a lovely women such as yourself, you might not of found them yet.