How should I tell my parents I’m going on a trip by myself?


I’m 18, and I have already bought my tickets to go to New York. I posted a question about my trip before, but now I have decided that I am going to go anyways regardless of whether my parents are alright with it because I AM 18, and they know they can’t stop me.

However, I feel like they’re just ignoring the fact that I’ve told them multiple times that I am still going. So how should I tell them that I’m going? Should I just sit down and say “I know you don’t want me to, but I have decided that I am going to New York, and I leave tomorrow.” Or what?

Because I’ve tried to act like an adult about this and I feel like I’ve been more mature about it than my mom has, but I don’t want them to hate me for doing something that I feel like I need to do. I would like it if she or my dad or both of them would take me to the airport, but if they don’t I have my best friend who is willing to take me there instead.

I was also planning on making them a list of the person I’d be staying with’s phone number and everything, and an itinerary of when my flight leaves and when it lands and when I’m coming home – and a note that I’d call them all the time.

But really, how should I go about letting them know I’m leaving in a way that they won’t freak out too bad?

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Even though you're 18, you're still their child. Travelling on your own is a big step to take. I can understand that your parents are worried and that they didn't want to agree with it, because you're going to travel to meet someone you never have met in person before. You're old enough to make your own decisions, but you have to remember that you still live with your parents and that you're still their child. You have to try to see their side on this matter. If I would be in their shoes, I would freak out and be very worried. You seem to have it all planned out very well, but it's not right that you bought those tickets behind their back and without their permission. There isn't really a way to tell them without having them freaking out about it. They're just concerned. Someday when you're older and have a family of your own, you'll understand. Even if it seems a lot like you can trust the guy you'll be meeting, you still can't blame your parents for worrying. On the internet so many people lie, sometimes even people from whom you thought you could trust them with your life. Be very careful.
I do see their side on the matter, and I know that they're worried. But I also know that they can't be afraid of everything and make me stay at home and not do anything I want with my life, just because THEY are afraid.
I asked them about this trip for MONTHS, and my mom even said that I would probably be able to go, but then just a few days ago said she was never going to say yes. And every time I tried to talk to her or compromise, she would change the subject, walk away, or talk over me.
Plus, they told me that they can't keep me locked away. They said that they wanted me to take baby steps, but I feel like I need to take a big step in order for them to stop treating me like I'm a child who needs help with everything just because I'm a shy person and was very introverted for a while during school. The whole reason I took a year off from college was just so that I could TRAVEL and see the world and get experience from something that's not just going to work every single day.
I'm hoping that they will change their minds about it once I come back and tell them that it was the best trip of my life, which I am sure that it would be. And I know that they're going to freak out about it, I just need them to understand that this is something I really want/need to do before I'm locked away and busy with college for the next four years of my life.
You were the one with the boy friend you met on the Internet right? I apologize for not answering your previous question I thought other people have explained it very well and you would take their advice. Age is just a number doesn't matter if your 18 or 81 if you don't act like a adult your not one and you buying a ticket without perents permission and doing reckless things is definitely not a mature way to Handle things. You met this guy on the Internet. Bottom line is YOU DONT KNOW WHO HE IS at your age your not experienced enough to tell right from wrong society doesn't protect you anymore now that your 18 I'm a guys and I can tell you girls are easy to fool whatever he says doesn't mean crap i can tell you all day I'm a leprechaun with elephant ears words means NOTHING in this world. Action does I suggest you return your ticket and grow up I'm sorry im so harsh in this answer but people did try to tell you nicely to not go maybe this will get through to you your mo avoids this subject cause she hopes you forget and she knows you won't take no for a answer your old enough to make your choices yes but are you old enough to take up the responsibility of them. This guys is from ny if your plan is him picking you up spending romantic time on the bridge watching fireworks you got a whole another story coming I'm from ny I know what the guys there are like. I hope you the best of luck and I pray for your safety. Also if he's a guy tell him to come to you females are always at a disadvantage in a relationship if he's a real man he will come to you but only if he truly cares
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