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How should I make a move on this guy I like?


I would consider me and him friends but its not like we hang out. He is very social and talks to everyone, slim never sure if he’s flirting or just being nice. I really like him and schools almost over and I know I’m going to miss him. I just need advice on how to make a move/ find out if he’s flirting

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The best advice you can get is that you have to go and talk to him ask him if he wants to go catch a movie. You cant just sit there and wait untill something happens cuz that usually waiting for a rain in a desert . I know boys that are super social basicly talking to everysingle girl they met but if it comes to talking to the girl they like ... they totally become chickens .. if you know what i mean . Well anyways just go talk to him be open and your self to rush and dont just go stright up talking about feelings cuz it can scear him off .
As a guy I think it would be best if you simply go up to him and tell him everything. We like to be pretty straight forward so no mixed messages or anything just straight up "I like you, do you wanna hang out". Simple and very effective at getting his attention and easier to resolve in the case of his status towards you. If you are afraid to speak to him then try to send him a message saying the same thing when you are near him so that way if he is around anyone and you are too afraid/shy to ask him in person, a nice message wound do great. I can't stress this enough just be straight with him and be as clear as you can be. It might sound kinda strange because it's very risky but you get quicker results. Touching his arm when you speak to him is a guarantee sign of your feelings for him and he catch on that quick. Hope it helps.
i would recommend inviting him to something very casual, since you say you are just friends but don't hang out much, simply inviting him to a Starbucks with some other friends would easily give him a signal that you are singling him out but also giving him the possibility that its just a friendly outing if their other people with around, see what that sparks from your interaction and if nothing happens offer him the same outing again later with friends, he will most likely notice.
If you like him, don't try to guess what he is thinking, you will just miss a chance. tell him that you like him or ask him out. A missed chance is no chance at all.