How should I handle this situation?


My girlfriend of 6 months is suicidal. I am not happy with her but everytime I try to break up with her she threatens to kill herself, and finally I broke up with her in person and drove her to a friends house and she tried to OD and now is in the mental hospital. She will be in there for a few more days. Her family is blaming me and idk how to tell this girl that I cannot be with her anymore.
Edit: Her family knows that she has been suicidal for the past few years, but still blame me. Without me she will most likely go through with it.

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2 Answers

Personally, I think it's not your fault at all. If you're not happy in a relationship, you can't just be expected to give up your personal happiness to keep her happy. Taking her to the mental institution is possibly the best thing for her, as she can get real help.
I think this is your moment. Her family and her friends know that this is happening and that she needs them. They could have used a heads-up, but now things went this way, and you should keep your word, take your leave and stay away from them. If you go back, you are telling her that the next time, if she does this again, you will come back again, so do her a favor and don't change idea. There's no perfect way to handle emotional blackmail and manipulation, or have her family to not resent you.