How should I go about being more open around unfamiliar people?


I’ve started college last fall and it seems like everyone has been making fast friends but I haven’t been making those connections. It’s really hard for me to be open and bubbly around people i’ve just met, does anyone have any suggestions/pointers for me?

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I think making friends in college in general is just more difficult because it's such a big place. If you live in a dorm, you could try to open up your door when you're in the room and seem more inviting. Or, you could ask people if you could join them during lunch or something! If you don't live in a dorm, that's okay! You could join a club that interests you. Often, that's how people can get to know each other, through similar interests! DO YOUR BEST!! :)
You don't need to be instantly open and bubbly with people right from the word GO! You're putting pressure on yourself for no reason. You do need to have the regular conversational skills however. These consist of general talking and responding. Which isn't really hard. One thing you must remember is that conversation is a two way street. It is shared 50/50, so don't think all of this weight is on your shoulders. Take it easy and don't think or fear to much about this, they are mental blockers.
Thanks for the advice everyone :)
I so agree with Rancid on this.I would als like to add though,that if you want to try and get a little more friends ,have them get to know you and you know them,why not try and think of something you can come together and do to break the ice,also get you out of your shell a little..You could invite them to a "Get to know you party" or something .You dont need to push yourself into something your not though,or not comfortable with,just be yourself,and perhaps you will start to feel more open then. Good luck!