How should I gaing trust againg to my parents?


My parents dont trus me anymore because I lied to protect my friends. Two my best friends tried weed one week and my parents found out about that. They’re not using, they were just experimenting. But now my parents think I’m doing drugs because I lied to protech my frend. I never tried weed and I don’t etend to, and I dont know how to convince my folks that I’m innocent. I had really doog comunication and relationship with them and now its all ruined. I dont know what to do anymore….

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2 Answers

I mean if you had a good relationship with your parents before then they should trust you. you sound like a good girl and your parents sound like they are making a big deal out of this. weed isn't even a big deal and if you were doing hard-core drugs your parents would probably be able to tell. tell them to have more faith in you. had the same problem with my parents and said to them "its really sad that you don't have more faith in me."
I've lost my parents trust soo many times people I was so stupid in middle school at the time i didn't have such a good relationship with my parents that's why i didn't really care but you sound like a good kid you should just sit with them and have a talk about it and if they still don't believe you then just leave it alone and the way to gain your parents trust again is time and doing things for them like chores i usual just stay in my room and obey the rules but don't ask them if you gained there trust just wait a month or 2 and see how things are going (plus weed isin't even a big deal to be honest)