How should I feel? What is your opinion?


I wanted to kiss this guy awhile back and he was like my great friend and he didn’t act weird about it but I still feel awful because I may have been too affectionate. :”/ No need for hurtful comments.

Category: asked June 8, 2015

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Hiya Tyler, The truth is, there's no one in this world to tell you how you should feel. Emotions are complex, and completely unique. No one ever experiences the same situation the same way.

However, I want you to know that there's nothing wrong with what you wanted, to kiss someone that is. I think perhaps what you need to do is simply go and talk to your friend, ask him flat out. The unknown can drive you to bad places, and I'm sure you'll feel better getting a better idea.

Also realize that yes it happened, and there's no changing it now. There's only moving forward.
I agree with @Hearmenow, no one can tell you how to feel. It is not uncommon to feel regret when acting on a feeling that was somewhat scary to begin with. As for my opinion, I do not think that would be "too affectionate" if he did not act offended or weird about it. I of course do not know the circumstances, but if he seemed ok with it, then at the very least, he was not adverse to the kiss. I do hope you two are still friends. And if you are worried about how this affects your friendship talk to him.
I also agree that the best route would be to talk it out with your friend, that way if there's anything up, you both know and can work it out. There's nothing you should feel, and whatever you are feeling, there's nothing wrong with it.
If you feel this might be an issue at any other time, just be sure you know what boundaries you are both comfortable with. From what I hear, guys have some vastly differing things they're okay with their friends doing. Some guys have problems just hugging a friend, others have no problem sharing a bed with a friend. If your friend has no problem with you showing affection in this manner, then there's no problem.
In friendships, as in any other relationship, communication is key to keeping bonds strong!
Hope this helps.
Dude my best friend and I do lots of stuff that if it was public people would assume that we are girlfriends. We just like making out with each other, but we still talk about our romantic feelings for others and talk about our dates with boys and who we would like to have sex with. But when we stay over we do things with each other and it doesn't make things weird. It is just something we like to do sort of like when we were younger and we would play board games and shit.
Best thing you could do is to talk to him.Ask him if it was weird for him.You did want to kiss him and he's your friend.If you never try you'll never know.In the end,you'll only regret the chances you did not take.Good luck :)