How should I approach a work crush?


I started my first job (at a department store) back in October. Since then, I have developed my first work crush. Whenever I’m having a really crappy day, just even seeing his face across the room brightens me up instantly. Makes me all warm! He works in a department very near to mine, I see him a few times through-out the day(when him and I work the same day, though!).
I, having high social anxiety, get so tongue-tied and nauseous when even looking at him, let alone talking to him. My voice gets all high pitch and everything. I am unsure how to approach this way.
I also found out the other day (from a co-worker), that he (the guy) is going to be moving in August to go to a college in the state next to mine. As well as, he’s not really interested in relationships at current. I assume he has and will have a lot on his mind, with school and work and everything. So I am unsure if I even should approach him. I don’t really want to distract him.
I just don’t know what to do. Do I approach him? How do I approach him? It’s so hard to get to know each other or approach since we are both working all day! His shift ends earlier than mine too. :( What to do??

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1 Answer

Try to become friends and see how it goes from there. Get to know him. You can ask him if he wants to go have a drink with you sometime. Try to talk with him a few times while you're working together. Talk about regular things, such as the weather and if he likes the job. If you don't take a step, you'll never know. It's not easy to do, I know it isn't. Take a few deep breaths and concentrate on what you're going to say. You could also try to have a conversation with him about college.