How much loneliness is too much?


To whom it may concern:

I have a lot of trouble speaking with others, in the romantic sense as the title hints, and I feel that this handicap is now showing itself in my daily interactions in school with anyone of the opposite gender and in general. Everyday now, I walk the halls aching with regret and longing for physical interaction. I’m love sick and I haven’t the slightest bit of time for it. It frustrates me to no end and I can’t seem to remedy this matter expeditiously at any rate. I had had a girlfriend at one point, but we soon parted ways thereafter for reasons I shall not broadcast publicly. Thereafter, I have the greatest difficulty communicating with others and I find myself with less and less time to interact with other – yet this urge cannot be assuaged so easily. Can anyone help me get over this longing?

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2 Answers

There is no loneliness that is too much. If you think about it, You seem to just want to interact. You want to fill the void, the emptiness you are feeling. It's not loneliness. Or is it longing. It is just simply wanting - wanting to break the barrier that you built up for yourself because at one point you didn't want to talk to anyone and you blocked them away. So, now that 'loneliness' and 'longing' you are feeling is simply your desire to have an interaction with someone. To be able to interact and connect with at least one person.I know that feeling.
You have a very good vocabulary =D You bring up how you have no time twice in your paragraph, what has you so busy? I'm just curious lol, but if you have trouble speaking with others, specifically girls, don't worry so much! If your feeling nervous just try and calm yourself down and relax, however you can. Think of relaxing music, or puppies on the beach or whatever soothes you haha. Start small at first with smalltalk, 'hey, how are you today...etc' stuff like that. Maybe see if they want to catch lunch or even breakfast, something like that. I used to be a bit shy and the advice I received from my mom was "think about what your afraid of...talking to someone, (or in public) whats the worst thing that could happen" which when you think about it like that really took the fear out of it for me. Just try all that and you'll get a new girl in no time and won't feel love sick anymore ;) and once youv had your fun and that longing feelings gone an done with, you can get back to business lol jk jk.