How long should I wait to ask someone to hangout again?


my nephew is the same as me 18 and i like to hangout with the guy i never had much fun with other people like him we used to play video games alot when we were 13-15 but then stopped and we used to hangout alot with me but now i rarely see him i always check his snapchats with his friends he said he’d invite me to places but never did which just annoys me

every week i think that i’ll see him in my family house for dinner but never see him cause he’s out with his friends all the time

i always tolled him im free 24 hours dont know why he doesnt call even when i call him telling him we should hangout he’s either out with his friends or sick

i dont know why he’s like that to me we get along so well but just sucks i dont see him that much anymore we used to play alot when we were kids saw him like every day but now i never do cause he’s always out with his friends

but i always forgive him in the end of the day which i know i shouldnt but he’s family so i was wondering…

whens the right times to ask him to hangout again i really kinda miss him XD i know i said a bit girly but its true! i miss the guy haha it kinda depresses me not seeing him

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1 Answer

Just send him a snapchat and maybe bring up a funny memory you two had when you were younger and get chatting,then just casually ask if you could do it again some time maybe?Find as much opportunities to go round to his house as possible,he has to come home at some point.Try not to dwell on it.You can focus on spending time with your friends and if not,dont worry,eventually you will find someone on the same wavelength as you. Stay strong :) I hope this helped