How long do I wait?


My best friend and I “broke up”…there’s no other way to describe it. We were like brothers for almost two years and he got angry at me and told me he needed a break from me and that we could maybe be friends in the future but not now.
He told me I was too clingy, which I (partially) agree with. He got mad at me over the summer and ignored me for three weeks but we made up and became even closer afterwards. Everything was completely fine until two months ago when, all of a sudden, he just snapped again. I understand why he’s angry. I was too clingy. I don’t want to sound pathetic, but I DO rely on people too much — especially him. He helped distract me from my anxiety. This time apart has really helped me with that, though. I’ve learned to actually speak to my parents and occupy time efficiently when I’m alone. I hang out more often with friends that I haven’t seen in awhile. But now I’ve lost him. We haven’t been best friends (or even friendly towards each other) for almost two months now. He didn’t say he never wanted to be friends again, and I don’t want to sound gay or anything, but I REALLY, REALLY miss him. I have other really great friends but they’re not him.
How long do I wait? How do I cope? I just feel really confused and lonely and could use some advice on what to do.

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2 Answers

I'm going through this right now, so don't feel alone with your situation. I would suggest asking him to meet in a public place maybe, so you can start off with at least friendly conversation. Or you can talk about your issues in a way where no one can start a yelling war. I would just text him saying "Hey, can we talk dude?" or whatever. If he doesn't respond, then don't push him.
First things first, he wants you to work on yourself and he wants you to know how to deal with things on your own without relying on anyone including him. It's hard losing a friend that knows everything about you but this is when you shouldn't be moping around. It was like that with my relationship with my boyfriend since i suffered from depression, anxiety, and clinginess. He was my best friend for 7 years and still counting. Don't be hard on yourself just work on yourself so he will notice and time will come :) Hope this works and good luck ! Also dont force the friendship because he will push you away.