How does one deal with a job that keeps them from seeing loved ones?


I’ve realized these past few months that I thrive on being able to spend time with friends and family. But I got my first job (I’m 21, just took a while) and it’s working nights. Especially around the holidays, we’re scheduled a lot of 4-9 shifts. A lot of people around me have regular jobs with regular 6-4pm hours, so this makes it so that I’m mostly living alone, besides saying good morning and hello in passing. It’s aggravating because, due to the nature of my job and the fact that I’m still in college (almost done…), I can’t work day shifts. But I haven’t seen some of those closest to me in weeks, months. I haven’t spoken to my own grandmother in months because I’m constantly on the move, and I hate that. I eat dinner alone or skip it because I’m so darn tired by the time I get home. I feel bad because one of my best friends has had jobs like this and now I understand what she meant when she said that she, literally, had no time for anything.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? How does one cope? How do you make time for loved ones? Is this just part of life, do I have to suck it up until I can find a more regular job after school?

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2 Answers

Plan. Schedule meetings. Make use of social networks to follow their lives until you graduate and can get a normal job. Emails and letters don't require being awake at the same time. Or make friends with similar jobs, maybe, there must be a lot of people with similar schedules. Try both.
find a job that you like, if it's driving you that crazy, it's okay to quit. especially if you can get by without a job for a while. take your time finding a good solid job. one that you like. you may feel like a slave if you force yourself to work a job you don't like. unfortunately there is a lot of jobs like the one you hate than there are like the one you'll love. leaping before looking is never smart. if you live at home do not give in to social pressure. also unfortunate, is the fact that we are manipulated by others at ever moment of our lives. we are naturally social creatures. if you exist in a tainted social environment e.g. a hostile work environment, of course you're going to be miserable. or become tainted yourself.