How do you persuade your family to be on your side?


They’re all siding with her. I am not really good with expressing myself verbally. She on the other hand is really good with lies.

Category: Tags: asked October 5, 2013

2 Answers

If she's really good with lies then I would call her out on everyone of them. There will be a point when those lies will roll on each other and just stop making any sense to any of the parties involved. Also, talking to them without her there could help so that there wouldn't be any side from her story. First impressions are a powerful thing and can be critical in a situation like this.
You have a point there. That's why I was able to detect some of her lies because they offset each other. However, the other family members are not good with detecting lies. It seems they're more likely to believe her than me. Maybe because I am not always there to defend myself. There's also this one other person who can witness for me. Some suggest that we three face each other. Is this OK? I think she'll deny everything just so she wouldn't look bad.