How do you make yourself feel pretty again?


not asking this for people to tell me i’m pretty or anything its just how i’ve been feeling the past couple of days. I’ve been stressed, depressed and totally not well dressed (laugh at that, im funny) for the past couple weeks. and i just feel so bleeeh anymore. i know i should get up do my hair and make up and put something cute on but i just feel like thats not it. i just really dont feel to good about myself anymore and how i physically feel..

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It can be so hard to get things going, especially if you are depressed. I would first identify if there is a reason for the depression that is external (death of a family member, ending a relationship, bad grades, etc). If it is an external precursor, then you either have to work through it or walk away from it as applicable. If the depression comes from within (and sometimes, that is just how it is), then you can do a few different things to help yourself.

First, drink enough water. You don't have to force yourself to down 64 oz a day, but make sure you're having something on hand "most of the time" for sipping. Limit drinks with caffeine, like coffee and soda, and also those with lots of sugar (or worse, High Fructose Corn Syrup). You don't have to give up anything... but keep it to a minimum.

Next, get some sunlight. A daily dose of natural sunlight will help you as much as some medications (provided you aren't clinically depressed, which is another thing entirely and should be evaluated by a doctor). Even five minutes of driving with the window down and the sun on your skin will be helpful, and the longer you're able to do it, the better. I personally have a "sun lamp" that I use through the darker part of the year, to help me with my own depression.

Eat healthy foods. Again, you don't have to quit eating out or avoid all fast foods or anything drastic. However, working to make sure you get one healthy meal a day can go a long way. Leafy greens are great for those with depression, and if you don't like them in their natural form, consider using powdered greens in soups and stews, so they're "hidden vitamins". Eat foods that you know the origin of (ie a tomato as opposed to a sauce in a can) whenever possible.

Go for a walk. Play Wii with your kids or friends. Stop at the pool after work and float around for a bit. Do something you find fun. We have the "dance party" games that we do with our kids on the Wii, and it gets us moving, and it's funny, and we all enjoy it (and sometimes we play it after they go to bed lol). Doesn't matter what you're doing... just do *something*.

Treat yourself. Get a facial, or have your nails done (or do them yourself with or without a girlfriend). Take a really hot bath with your favorite bubble bath. Read (or re-read) a book to get your mind engaged. Get offline for a while (online can be great, as evidenced by blahtherapy itself, but can also suck you in and eat time and energy in negative ways). Just do something, anything, for yourself. Start small.

Invite someone over. When I'm having a hard time motivating myself to get dressed or eat, I will invite over someone. I know that I don't want to be caught in a long tee shirt and nothing else, so I'll slap on a skirt and a blouse, just to be decent. Then that feeling of clean clothes on dirty skin will get to me, so I'll shower. And it moves on from there.

Good luck!
Hit the gym! Go for a run, take a long walk, or exercise! These are things that workout not only the body, but also the brain and makes you feel better about yourself! (:
@RevUnix thank you so much im going to start tonight by taking a walk and just enjoying the weather. Really so nice of you, made me feel better. Thank you!
@Y also thank you! Definitely goig to start getting back to exercising and all tomorrow morning (:
You're most welcome! I suffer from depression, and have for years. I used to be on meds (8 years of them most recently, and many years when I was younger), and while I was lucky and didn't suffer many of the horrid side effects, I hated it all the same. It took 2 years of really hard work and weaning to get me off meds and stable but it was worth it for me. And note, I'm NOT dissing drugs - they saved my life, quite literally, and I'm glad for every moment I took them. It was just time to stop. :)

I know some of it seems kind of self-evident, but sometimes hearing it from someone else really helps. Eating well made a huge difference for me (I cut almost all fast foods out of my diet, and drink sodas about once or twice a month only), but of course it depends on your type of depression and your personality. Regardless, try different things. When you find something that works, stick with it. You can do it!
I know that at times teenage girls can be upset about their physical appearance, and there is no quick and easy fix for insecurity, but what you can do is do something that makes you feel more attractive and notice the difference; vitamin supplements can actually make people look more attractive by supporting the health of their skin and hair. You could also try meeting new people (especially those of the opposite sex) and soon you'll feel less insecure around people your own age, which improves your self-image and gives you confidence, which is also attractive.
You don't have to be upset with your body - it is the greatest tool you will ever receive and use it to its full potential while not being afraid of it, or what people think of it.
From your picture you don't seem unattractive at all, and that's just taking my word for it. I'd say thatll if you found someone who actually likes you you will feel attractive again really quickly, but don't make this the sole reason for forming a relationship.
If you're intested some good places to meet boys is often at school/college, at activities/clubs, through mutual friends at house parties, on social media through friends' statuses, and even just by random.
A big thing to always remember is that looks aren't everything; a quality that most guys love is that the girl is herself - nobody likes someone who isn't real. Be yourself, and believe me you'll feel beautiful.
i dont do dick all. i dont even wear makeup or do my hair anymore. I have no obligation to look good for anyone, i have no need to impress anyone. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
just believe in yourself and ignore whatever anyone says , you are pretty you should believe that.
Stand in front of a mirror and say 3 things that you like about yourself, they don't have to be on appearance. It feels weird at first but it works good.
Sing the "I Feel Pretty" song the next time you are stuck in heavy traffic and pretend Jack Nicholson is there XD But in all seriousness, positive thoughts or a mantra seems like it could help