How do you know if you love someone or you jist like the idea of being in love?


im not sure if people will understand my question. Anyway. Liking the idea of loving someone is different from loving someone. Like when single people always wish they would be in a relationship. Thats liking the idea of loving soneone. So I like the idea of loving someone but how do you know if you really love them because–you know, some people feel two of those things mentioned above. Idk if you get me so its okay if you guys dont answer haha

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'Try not to confuse attachment with love Attachment is about fear and dependency, and has more to do with love of self than love of another. Love without attachment is the purest love because it isn't about what others can give you because youre empty it is about what you can give others because you're already full.
Well basically, some people love the idea of love. The whole holding hands and all that jazz. Some want what they see in romantic movies or from other couples. When it comes to actually being in love, I'd say that just happens. You don't search for it, you're not looking around or waiting for it to happen, it just happens. You're just living you life, clueless and before you know it, there's that person you can't stop thinking about. You wake up and you think about them. You go to sleep and that person is on your mind again. Talking to that person can already make your entire day. All the holding hands and romantic movie stuff doesn't matter so much anymore, suddenly everything they do and say seems perfect. You notice the little things about that person, how dorky their smile is or the way their eyes light up when they're happy. When you're in love with someone, you just know. You feel it within every fiber of your being.
I agree with ventit. The question is how much do you love yourself? How much are you able to provide for yourself before you can give to others? Can you provide yourself happiness before sharing it with others? Do you rely solely on this person for your happiness? Are you capable of exercising patience for yourself in order for you to take your time and discover how the other person feels about you? Do you dedicate the same amount time in reflecting about yourself the way you would reflect on them?

Love is a balancing act. If you're not leaving something for yourself then it's not love. Just the idea of being in love.
To love someone, is to want that person and to be willing to battle through obstacles just to be with them. The idea of love is just wanting to be in a relationship just because you're a dependent person. Love is not centered around you, but it's instead really wanting to dedicate yourself to another person AS WELL AS allowing them to be dedicated to you. So many people are dependent people, and get into relationships simply because they want a person to be with them. Loving someone is usually waking up still thinking about a specific person. BUT, there's nothing wrong with loving the idea of relationships because some people are just generally dependent and lonely with a S.O! Love is falling asleep wanting to be with someone. Love just...well...happens!!!
Thanks everyone;)