How do you keep up in school?


How do you guys keep yourselves to completing your school work? ( I’m in community college ) Without procrastinating and getting so behind it gets overwhelming. Part of my problem is initially starting. My schedule is pretty busy so its hard to schedule an exact time to sit down I get caught up in a cycle of self-pity then hate because I simply can’t (won’t) do it. Understanding the work isn’t really the problem, only at first. I guess how do you get over that first hill – reward system? Another thing, I tell myself it’s okay to run/workout even if I haven’t started/finished homework. I’m speaking specifically about one class but the behavior is still there. I’ve already dropped it once. Woe is me if I do again.

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I'll start this off with quote

"What you put into something, is ultimately what you will get out of it."

Here's the thing about procrastination - it is a killer: a killer of time; a killer of intelligence; a killer of physical & mental maturity; a killer of life.

What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over & over & expecting a different result. Are you happy with where you're at in life? Do you not want to become more educated or enlightened on various subjects new & old (aka smart)? If you have a "put-off-today-what-I-could-do-tomorrow" mindset, you won't get anywhere in life. It's okay to be lazy; lazy people make the best inventors. The thing is, you need to learn how to harness & control it, and not let it control you.

A personal story: During winter term of 2012 of college, I was working Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday delivering furniture from 10am-7pm or longer - depending on the delivery schedule. At the same time, I took 15 credits (4 classes - math, speech, writing, & computer information systems) on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8am-5pm. The only day I had off was sunday, which was filled with studying, along with all my other spare time during the week. I also stayed up late (to like 3am pst) talking to this girl that I liked from another state (so I rarely got more than 4 hrs sleep...for 3 months straight). These subjects were NOT easy, but I pictured in my mind acing every class at the beginning of the term. I knew it was going to be hard work - but I fucking did it. I embraced the challenge. You gotta do stuff to be successful in life. If you don't motivate yourself & just sit back & think everything is going to be handed to you, then have fun working in a min-wage job supporting someone else's dream.

Whether you want to or not

Whether you like to or not

Just do it.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”― Henry Ford
Thanks man. You're right. I do need to just do it. I want it. Honestly it seemed like the advice wasn't going anywhere but like life, we get surprised. I'm in a situation very similar to yours, and appreciate your advice because of that. Part of a larger problem that attributes to my procrastination is my substance abuse - pot - but I can truthfully say that isn't going to be what holds me back any longer.
Good for you man - god bless your pursuit of abundance, success, intelligence, & happiness.

1. Know your priorities and get them in order. Family, education, and self are probably the most important priorities for you right now. Get them straight. Working out and exercise can wait. 2. If you have problems with the material, seek help. Professors, tutors, classmates (classmates is probably one of the last resorts). The Professor and tutors get paid to help you. And it shows that you want to succeed in that particular class. There is never a bad question, only bad answers. 3. After you are done class for the day, go home, do your homework, and review your notes for the day from the class you had. You should spend at least 1 hr per semester hour you are enrolled studying and looking over notes. Trust me it will help, especially after community college. Should you not understand something after class hours, email the instructor. 4. Devise a schedule to help you study, plan, and make time for yourself. Working out is not a bad thing to do while you are in college, it gets you away from the books and helps maintain a decent level of relaxation. 5. SLEEP. I cannot stress that enough and I am so guilty of not sleeping enough especially before an exam. Sleep is very important. 6. Know your diet, and eat right. Again, another key to success in college. 7. Reward yourself. Once you complete your studying and homework, go do something that will increase your attitude. Studying sucks, we all hate it (if you don't, I applaud you). This is also your motivation TO study. It helps. Lastly, 8. Never settle for 'just enough'. I've seen students in classes settle for that C or that D just because they want to pass the class. No, bad, don't do that. Strive for that A or that B. Do what it takes. Say this to your instructor "Im doing well in your class, but my goal is to get an A in here, what can I do to achieve that goal?" This will MAKE your instructor's day. I can almost guarantee it. Oh, and side note-- get involved! The more you do with or for your college, the better it looks in the long run, and will open so many doors for you! I can attest to all of this, I just graduated community college at the top of my class. The reward is AMAZING! Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!