How do you ignore your heart?


I developed strong feelings for my first therapist. We’re still in contact every once in a while, but I still find myself wishing I could go back to her. She’s one of my biggest supporters. She’s also the first authority figure I came out to and her acceptance made me feel safe. I know these feelings aren’t reciprocated, so I want to ignore my heart because it just feels like a sick joke and it really hurts.

Tags: asked August 13, 2013

2 Answers

Honey, this isn't about ignoring your heart, you can't ignore feelings. Don't try to! Embrace all of the things you've learned from her and take it as experience! It's okay to like someone! Hope I helped! Message me if you need! xoxo
Yes, the best thing to do is try and move on. That does not mean ignoring your heart. Don't ignore or be ashamed of the feelings you are having. You just need to understand the complications surrounding the hypothetical situation in which you acted on them. If I were you, I'd do my best to cut off contact with your first therapist. You can value and appreciate what she did for you, acknowledge what a big part she played in your life, but I'm thinking that a plain friendship is probably out of the question. Time heals all, even if it takes awhile. Hang in there.