How do you get motivated?


I know I should probably use the fact that kids half my age are twice as good at…everything as a sort of competitive motivation but that’s never really worked. Im surrounded by people who are younger and more talented than i am and i find it affects my work. I took a course in art because i didn’t suck at it and its pretty much all i can do but now it all just feels like a chore. I really REALLY don’t want to end up like one of those guys that wasted a ton of time and money by shifting courses but I also find it really hard to get ideas and/or get motivated! When i have ideas i don’t have motivation, sometimes its the other way around and sometimes its neither.

I want to know what I could try to push myself forward and get creative ideas. What can i do when im alone to optimize the time? What can I do to perform normally under pressure in a group? What do you do when your’e low on motivation/ideas?

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2 Answers

I have the same problem, when I feel there's competition, like many of my classmates are very talented (I study something like filmmaking) it intimidates me. I really hope someone can answer to this, but what I can tell you now is: keep on doing the activity you like. I wanted to change my degree but I promised my self not to do that no matter how hard it gets. Find something you really love to do and be persistant, when I was on high school since I joined choir my grades got better (I really love to sing).
Lack of motivation hits everyone from time to time, i dont have a 100% garanteed formula to overcome it but i can share what works for me sometimes. First of all put aside the idea of how others will think of what you are about to do, this reliefs you of pressure, put on some music that you enjoy but isnt too distracting, now start to imagine what you want to create/do, dont think about how long and how hard it will be to finish the work, just take a small assignment and go with it. Once an object goes in motion, it stays in motion, unless its stopped by another object. So try to avoid things that could stop/distract you while you are on it. Summing it up, Dont compare/be afraid of others conceptions, build a good mood, pick an idea and go with it, start small, it will grow and be harder to quit. Hope this can be of some use, in my opinion, we dont have to be the best at what we do, we must take pleasure and be proud of what we do.